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Explore a dream world, meet fabulous people, observe the details in fantastic places! Based on Продолжение здесь Caroll’s famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Alice is bored sitting next to her sister who is reading a book without pictures While she observes thoughtfully around her, she sees a rabbit in a frock coat, alice in wonderland pc game and looking at his watch!

Intrigued, she follows the rabbit into its rabbit-hole and finds herself thrown into a wonderful world, strange and without logic, populated by whimsical characters. Help her go through this strange world and return home! A great classic entirely revisited to experience a wonderful adventure! Visit unusual places run hotfoot after Mr. Rabbit, shrink or grow to discover alice in wonderland pc game passages, talk to strange characters to find your way, and let yourself be carried away by the dream!

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Alice in Wonderland Free Download Full PC Game | Latest Version Torrent

Explore the brightly colored and vividly imagined world of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in this intriguing game based on the feature film. Guide Alice. The game’s premise is based on the Lewis Carroll novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland () and Through the Looking-Glass (), but presents a gloomy.


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Languages :. English and 7 more. Publisher: Disney. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. View Community Hub. Explore the brightly colored and vividly imagined world of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in this intriguing game based on the feature film. Guide Alice through a myriad of adventures in the strange and compelling realm of Wonderland as she makes her way toward the ultimate battle against the Jabberwocky.

Play as any of a variety of classic characters, including the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat, and master an assortment of intriguing new abilities, like altering perception, making objects invisible and even manipulating time. Conquer challenging puzzles, roam through whimsical settings and confront perplexing optical illusions as you while away a day traveling beyond the movie and into a world of pure, captivating fantasy.

See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Recent Reviews:. Review Type. All Positive Negative All Steam Purchasers Other Alice in Wonderland allows players to guide, protect and aid Alice as she journeys through the world of Wonderland while unraveling the game’s many twisted mysteries.

Along the way, players call on a diverse and unique cast of characters such as the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat who each have unique abilities to help evade traps and solve challenging puzzles. The Mad Hatter can help Alice alter her perception of Wonderland and take advantage of optical illusions to open up places in the world the player alone would not have noticed. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat can use his ability to make himself and objects appear and disappear helping Alice through this strange world.

Players must choose wisely when using each of the characters’ powers and combine the abilities to solve more complex puzzles.

The game was met with mostly positive reception upon release. GameRankings and Metacritic gave it a score of GameZone’s Michael Lafferty gave the Wii version of the game a 7. It is what it is — a game adaptation of a movie, slightly offbeat, but accessible.

It noted some of the game’s puzzle mechanics and “variety” as good points, while repetitive combat, bad voice acting, visual unevenness, and poor multiplayer were bad points. The sanity meter decreases when Alice sustains damage from enemy attacks or an environmental hazard.

When the sanity meter is depleted, the game prematurely ends , after which it can be continued from where the game was last saved. A magic mechanic is represented as “willpower”, and it is displayed as a blue bar on the right-hand side of the screen. Willpower is consumed when almost any toy is used, and a toy will not serve its function when Alice’s willpower is too low.

Certain amounts of sanity or willpower can be restored by collecting crystals of “meta-essence”, the life force of Wonderland. Crystals of “meta-substance”, representing the power of imagination, restore sanity and willpower simultaneously. All crystal types can be found scattered across levels and some respawn within certain places.

Meta-substance can be obtained after defeating an enemy; the volume of the meta-substance is dependent on the strength of the defeated enemy.

Certain uncommon items can be found throughout the game that enhance Alice’s abilities: “Ragebox Elixir” increases the damage dealt by Alice with the Vorpal Blade, the “Darkened Looking Glass” makes Alice invisible to enemies, and “Grasshopper Tea” augments Alice’s speed and jumping height. These items change Alice’s appearance and their effects are limited to a short period of time, after which Alice returns to her original state.

In , Alice Liddell is awoken from a dream of Wonderland by a house fire. Although she is able to save herself, her parents are killed and she is left with serious burns and psychological damage. Alice is brought to Rutledge Asylum in a state of catatonia, where several years of treatment fail to rouse her from her coma.

When Alice’s toy rabbit seems to call to her for help, she mentally retreats to Wonderland, which appears to have been disfigured by her broken mind. Alice meets the Cheshire Cat , who invites her to follow the White Rabbit.

She learns from nearby village inhabitants that the Queen of Hearts has put Wonderland in decline and despondency, and that the White Rabbit has promised a champion in Alice. Alice is directed to an old gnome who can aid her pursuit of the White Rabbit by reducing her size. The gnome and Alice infiltrate the Fortress of Doors and enter the school inside, where they create an elixir that shrinks Alice and allows her passage to the Vale of Tears. After aiding the Mock Turtle in retrieving his stolen shell from the Duchess , Alice catches up to the White Rabbit, who takes her in the direction of the Caterpillar before he is crushed by the normal-sized Hatter ‘s foot.

Alice meets with the Caterpillar, who explains to her that Wonderland’s current form is the result of Alice’s survivor guilt and advises her to slay the Queen of Hearts to restore Wonderland’s integrity.

Alice returns to normal size after nibbling from a mushroom guarded by the Voracious Centipede. In the center of a plateau , Alice discovers a piece of the Jabberwock’s Eye Staff. The voice of an unseen oracle tells Alice that before the Queen of Hearts can be slain, Alice must first eliminate the Queen’s sentinel — the Jabberwock , who can only be killed with the completed Eye Staff. Alice later finds that the Hatter is conducting cruel experiments on the March Hare and Dormouse , and he is keeping the Gryphon captive.

After killing the Hatter, Alice frees the Gryphon, who offers to rally forces against the Queen of Hearts and takes Alice to the Land of Fire and Brimstone, the abode of the Jabberwock. Within the remains of Alice’s old home, the Jabberwock wracks Alice with guilt over her parents’ deaths and overpowers her in a fight until the Gryphon returns and rescues Alice by depriving the Jabberwock of one of his eyes. With the Jabberwock’s Eye Staff fully assembled, the Gryphon directs Alice to Queensland and takes off with the intention of stopping the Jabberwock himself.

On her way to the Queen of Hearts’s castle, Alice sees the Gryphon and the Jabberwock engaged in an aerial battle, which ends with the Gryphon mortally wounded. Following Alice’s victory against the Jabberwock, the dying Gryphon entrusts Alice with the final battle against the Queen of Hearts. At the entrance to the Queen’s Hall, the Cheshire Cat attempts to confess to Alice about the nature of the Queen of Hearts, but he is suddenly executed as he states that “You are two parts of the same Upon Alice’s final victory over the Queen of Hearts, Wonderland is restored, and many of the characters who had died in the journey are revived.

Her mind repaired, Alice leaves Rutledge Asylum. After leaving id Software in , creative director American McGee was inspired to design a game that did not involve space marines, guns, aliens and outer space, which were the common themes in the Doom and Quake series. Berg began sketching a narrative and preliminary designs. McGee’s goal was to present what he considered to be a natural extension of the setting and characters of the original Alice novels.

Many of the early experiments with evolving the material of the novel — which included manga , futuristic, cartoon and sexual interpretations — strayed from McGee’s intended direction. Sketches of Alice, the Cheshire Cat and the Hatter by Terry Smith and Norm Felchle played a decisive role in establishing the game’s visual style and served as a foundation for subsequent concept art. While working on the game’s plot, McGee considered several approaches to Alice’s return to Wonderland, one of which involved a modern-day Alice murdering her abusive stepfather in reality while journeying through Wonderland, which was rejected by EA.

Another approach involved the projection of Alice’s parents and acquaintances onto the characters of Wonderland and Alice investigating the cause of her father’s death.

After discarding this concept as too complicated, McGee ultimately aimed for “the simplest story that told the most”. The game’s title, which includes McGee’s name, was chosen at EA’s insistence, primarily for the ease of registering and protecting a new trademark.

McGee admitted that he did not support the title, as he opined that it put the rest of the development team in the background. The most notable changes in the engine include the use of the Tiki model system, which enables the engine to use skeletal animation among other things, the Babble dialog system which enables lip synching of audio with character animations, dynamic music system, scriptable camera, particle system and extended shader support.

The game’s. An early version of the game featured the ability to summon the Cheshire Cat to aid the player in battle. Though this feature was removed from the final product, beta screenshots of this version do exist online. In the final product, the player can press a button to summon the Cheshire Cat at any time, though he merely provides cryptic advice on the current situation and does nothing to aid Alice if she is being attacked.

An Alice port for the then-unreleased PlayStation 2 was also in development but was later cancelled, which caused Rogue Entertainment to shut down, another decision which angered American McGee and resulted him leaving EA in frustration.

The game’s box art was altered after release to show Alice holding the Ice Wand instead of the Vorpal Blade and to reduce the skeletal character of the Cheshire Cat’s anatomy. EA cited complaints from various consumer groups as its reason for altering the original art, though McGee stated the alteration was made due to internal concerns at EA.

Alice was EA’s first M-rated game, [17] a rating which McGee fought to obtain, because he did not want an Alice product to be sold at Christmas time, since parents could be confused, thinking that the game was intended to be a gift for children. However, in a interview, McGee expressed regret for his decision and said that the violence in the game did not warrant an M-rating; he felt that consumers should buy products responsibly after referring to the recommendations of the ESRB.

All of the music created for the official American McGee’s Alice soundtrack was written and performed by Chris Vrenna with the help of guitarist Mark Blasquez and singer Jessicka. The music lends an eerie and horrifying feeling to the world Alice is in.

The Pale Realm theme, as well as the track “I’m Not Edible”, features the melody of the chorus of a popular children’s song, ” My Grandfather’s Clock “. In addition, there are many instances of the ticking and chiming of clocks being used as a musical accompaniment.

Marilyn Manson was originally involved scoring the music for the game. It includes a previously unreleased theme as well as a remix of “Flying on the Wings of Steam”.

As of September , the game has sold 1. The game was ultimately released on December 5, , [2] receiving praise for its visuals; the graphics were very elaborate for their time. Many levels depict a world of chaos and wonder, some reminiscent of the inside of an asylum or a madhouse, visually linking Wonderland to Alice’s reality.

The exterior views of Wonderland show the Queen of Hearts’ tentacles dipping out of buildings and mountain sides, especially in Queensland. Alice received “favorable” reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. In her article “Wonderland’s become quite strange: From Lewis Carroll’s Alice to American McGee’s Alice “, literary critic Cathlena Martin argues that the game “provides a reinterpreted version of Alice and the whole of wonderland that may have some players questioning which aspects are from Carroll and which are from McGee, thus potentially leading to a rereading of Carroll through the darker lens of McGee’s Alice.

This reinterpretation of Alice shows the versatility and mutability of the story across time and discourse. Blake Fischer reviewed the PC version of the game for Next Generation , rating it four stars out of five, and stated that ” Alice is an incredibly beautiful and well-designed shooter.

If you’re looking for more, you may pass, but otherwise it’s a game you won’t want to miss. A film adaptation of American McGee’s Alice was planned prior to the game’s release. Faye and other Dimension Films representatives were shown gameplay footage of Alice and were impressed by its visuals. Later, Miramax head Bob Weinstein was shown the game’s trailer, after which he immediately and without waiting for the opinion of the board of directors supported the production of a film adaptation.

According to the publisher’s source, American McGee would be involved in the film’s production, potentially as a creative director or co-producer.


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Explore the brightly colored and vividly imagined world of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in this intriguing game based on the feature film. Guide Alice. The game’s premise is based on the Lewis Carroll novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland () and Through the Looking-Glass (), but presents a gloomy.

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