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Microsoft Access is software for organizing information in a relational database, which is a type of database whose structure is built based on the relationship between one data and other data stored in tables.

Microsoft Access is the 11th version released by Microsoft since the presence of Microsoft Access 1. The ability of this software to manage databases has been recognized by many parties. In a database containing hundreds or even millions of records, finding the data you need is not an easy job. A query is an important feature that can save you effort not only to search data in one or several tables at once but also to edit data and perform calculations.

A query is an object in an Access database and can be stored for repeated use. These characteristics make queries very helpful for handling data in a database. Macros can execute a number of commands to execute one or more actions at once in response to an event.

For example, you can create a macro that will automatically run by Microsoft Access every time you open a database. Although macros are not as powerful as VBA Visual Basic For Applications , Microsoft recommends prioritizing macros if the database you are creating will be used by many people. The reason is to maintain data security. Data can be added directly to the database via tables, but this method is not efficient for tables that have too many fields and records.

By creating a form that functions as a front-end database, data can be added to the database more easily. In general, the form consists of several columns that are equipped with descriptions that explain what data must be entered and a number of buttons that can be clicked to execute certain commands or actions, such as the Print button to print a report. Within the Create tab, there are a number of form creation features.

Forms can be created in one click based on an existing table or created from scratch. To select which fields appear in the form, there is a Form Wizard available to do so. In addition to the Form Wizard, there are many other wizards to make it easier for you to complete work in Microsoft Access such as the Simple Query Wizard to create queries, the Lookup Wizard to create relationships between tables, the Report Wizard to create specific reports, and the Import Wizard to retrieve data.

Download the latest and free Microsoft Access for Windows via the link below:. Contents Microsoft Access Features 1. Query 2. Macro 3. Form Download the Latest Microsoft Access Apa itu DevOps? Laravel vs Codeigniter: Which is Better?



Software-Matters: Microsoft Access Runtime Downloads page


Access Seminars. Seminars are video tutorials designed to meet a specific purpose, such as creating a check register or securing your databases. Access Templates. If you don’t need all the video instruction but want a just a database to meet your needs?

ABCD Template. Access TechHelp. TechHelp is my popular video series where I answer questions about Access and other topics that come to me from my students, members, and across the Internet. Access Forum. Got questions? Access Fast Tips. Fast Tips are just that: short videos to teach you something new and different in just a few minutes. Access My older Access classes. Start a NEW Conversation. Only students may post right now. Week of Year. Value List Combo. Find Record.

Access Amortization Template 2. Large Check Box. If Then. Avg, Rank, Median. Military Time. While these aren’t the most in-depth tutorials, they’re great as an introduction and as refresher lessons in case you get rusty and need a few reminders. Though Quackit is technically a resource for web developers, it does contain a short and sweet tutorial series for Microsoft Access. As such, it should be supplemented with a more in-depth resource. Rich Holowczak is a computer guru who has worked with numerous computer systems leading all the way back to the Apple II and has been teaching computer science for several decades.

Suffice it to say that he knows his stuff. His website is home to many tutorials, but his biggest hit is his Microsoft Access series. Richard Rost is a man who knows about Access.

He’s taught it since , alongside other Microsoft Office products, and continues to post regular video tutorials on his website, Computer Learning Zone. All of Richard’s beginner Access lessons are free to view.

It’s over fourteen hours of video training, covering topics like building tables, entering data, designing forms, developing reports, and more. There’s also expert, advanced, and developer lessons, though these come with a charge. But if you found the beginner course helpful, it might be worthwhile, especially as there’s a student forum where you can engage with others, and with Richard, to ask questions and share ideas.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention ourselves. Our aim at MUO is to simplify technology, which is why we’ve written a number of Microsoft Access tutorials that are perfect for any skill level. Another paid online learning center which often launches great offers for various courses about a wide range of subjects. From Udemy you can take a bundle course for Microsoft Office training for a tremendous start. Then, you can take additional training to enrich your skill by pushing your limits.

Udemy is a great source for quality training and gets affordable resources with plenty of free classes. Coursera is one of the biggest e-learning platforms where you can learn courses from well known Universities of the world. There are some Microsoft Office programs with a vast and detailed syllabus.

In addition with quizzes, tests, peer graded assignments. You can also learn practical problems and earn certificates which helps to get a job or promotion easily. If you have a LinkedIn account you should definitely check out their learning center for Microsoft Office. There are different courses according to your need. Moreover, sorted by beginners, intermediate and advanced.

You can earn a certificate and add to your profile rich. Again, you can learn specific Microsoft Office programs in detail and advance in edX. Bigger Brains is another e-learning platform where individuals and teams can learn everything from basics to advanced skills to become a master of Microsoft Office Suite. GoSkills provides course materials specifically in English language including various Microsoft Office application courses. Here, you can learn from skilled instructors and be proficient in any or all Microsoft Office applications.

Here are several YouTube channels that provide Microsoft Office training videos for free which will help you learn easily. Technology for Teachers and Students has a great number of concise and detailed video tutorials for learning Microsoft Office.

There are also video tutorials about OneNote, OneDrive, and Sway which would help you to learn some intermediate and advanced topics too. Additionally, one can select from specific video tutorials of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook for various versions of Office. There is also a bunch of tips and tricks to make you more fluent in Office suite.

The simple and concept based approach will make you love this channel.


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